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Do you need a code machine that can be upgraded as required?

The LINX5900 is designed to change as your business needs grow. It has an optional upgrade feature so you can enhance product line integration and information control as needed, ideal for your current coding needs.





Keep your production line out of date

  • 3 lines of code, USB information sharing and up to 1000 pieces of information can be stored as standard;
  • Improve information control according to changes in production requirements, enabling remote monitoring from smartphones or PCs;
  • Add accurate label changes using barcode scanners and Linx QuickSwitch technology;
  • Connect and control multiple printers from a PC using parallel I/O and Ethernet connections to increase integration across the entire production line



Keep costs low

  • Enjoy up to 6000 hours of service intervals based on expected maintenance schedules;
  • Less changes are required during maintenance than other printers, and fewer printheads are required to maintain the lowest level of annual maintenance costs;
  • The large color user interface has a hint code field that allows for quick editing and easy creation of information, saving time in creating and editing messages;
  • SureFill anti-missing liquid injection system reduces the risk of errors and downtime using the wrong liquid




Keep the production line running

  • IP55 grade smooth stainless steel housing, no door opening when injecting - reliable operation in flushing environment
  • FullFlush® self-cleaning technology keeps the print head clean and allows the production line to operate without interruption
  • No need to adjust the nozzles, no bare wires, and minimal maintenance, you can experience less downtime.
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