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Hebei Mashi Logo Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in industrial identification and industrial automation. Committed to the development, production and sales of identification equipment. Including small character ink coding series, large character ink coding series, high resolution inkjet series, HP inkjet series, laser marking machine series and other identification products. At the same time, it has the software development capability and independently completes the supporting system of factory automation. Hebei Mashi Logo Technology Co., Ltd., formerly known as Beijing Nuojieshi Spray Code Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd., was reorganized into Beijing Nuojieshi Technology Co., Ltd. five years later. In 2018, Hebei Ma Shi Logo Technology Co., Ltd. was established in Baoding, Hebei. The company's main manager, the founder of Mr. Liu Yukun, is practical, hard-working, hardworking and hardworking, and the style of doing things in the wind makes the company move at a high speed, making the Hebei Mashi logo a benchmark for the logo industry and solving the perfection for the majority of enterprises. Logo, automated production line design and upgrades to contribute more.